[Infographic] How to have a healthy relationship with social media

I am a believer in not reinventing the wheel. With the advent of the internet, we see too much of the same content but repackaged as users, influencers and the likes clamour for attention from viewers with increasingly shortened attention spans (check out this post to see what, why and how this is happening). As much as material goods clutter our physical space, electronic stimuli clutter our mind.

We spring-clean our houses when we can see the mess, but it is more difficult to spring-clean the intangible that is our mind. A client once described the process of our therapy sessions as cleaning out the cobwebs in his mind, which I thought was beautifully put.

It is timely that the Australian Psychological Society’s annual mental health awareness campaign is focusing on thriving in the digital age. Rather than rehashing the content, I have summarised some of their tips into this handy infographic for quick access. Original tips sheets issued by the Society can be downloaded here for those wishing for more than the following five steps.

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