Feeling like nobody around you seems to get you?

Or experiencing some brain fog, feeling stuck in a rut, or just plain overwhelmed?

We all have our own stories. There may be times when you feel that others around you, maybe even your family and friends, don’t understand you. At times, perhaps it is you yourself who is wondering if your story makes sense anymore.

Welcome to Couchology, a private practice based in South Korea that provides English therapy and counseling.

I am a licensed clinical (South Korea) and registered psychologist (Australia, Singapore), now practising in Seoul. I am here to sit with you, to support you, and to work with you to figure out what has happened with your story. At Couchology, your therapy space, you are the storyteller and I am your audience.

This is your safe space for you to share your emotions and struggles without fear of judgement and criticism.

I live and work in Seoul, South Korea.

Like some of you, I am living in a foreign land, and I can say, I get where you are because I have been there too. Grappling with cultural and/or linguistic differences and facing mental health stresses can be an isolating experience. Add to that having to maintain some semblance of a work/life balance, and where can you find the time for yourself to just be.

I am here to help you.

I understand the difficulties of routinely fitting in self-care and “me time,” so just imagine your psychological care needs being delivered to you at a timing that fits you and your life.

This therapy couch is available to you Wednesday through Sunday including public holidays, 2:30 pm - 9:30 pm (by appointment only). To see if I am a good fit for you and your counseling needs, contact me to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.


(Lim Jia Ying)


I have worked as a psychologist for the past 15 years in public, nonprofit and private mental health settings, with a wide range of clientele from local, expat and military communities, including children, adolescents, adults, couples, to families.

As a psychologist, my approach with clients is collaborative. Research demonstrates that the bond between client and therapist, or what is known as the therapeutic alliance, is one of the most important elements for effective psychotherapy.

As a therapist, I believe in the client’s innate potential to enable transformative experiences. I work together with my clients to build a relationship of trust within which their difficulties and challenges are explored and supported. Together, we harness personal and system strengths to bring about effective, adaptive changes.

English-speaking psychologist in Seoul, Korea
English psychotherapy in Seoul, Korea
English-speaking psychotherapist in Seoul, Korea


You deserve to know that I am legitimate

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist, South Korea (License No. 1134)

  • Registered Psychologist, Australia (Registration No. PSY0001172867)

  • Registered Psychologist, Singapore (Registration No. 1304025)

That I am a member of the

  • Korean Psychological Association

  • Korean Clinical Psychology Association

  • Australian Psychological Society

  • Singapore Psychology Society

And that I went to school here

  • University of New South Wales (Australia), Master of Psychology (Forensic)

  • University of Sydney (Australia), Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

As a regular presenter, Jiaying communicates in a clear, well-structured and easy-going manner with plenty of personal anecdotes and audience interaction to make our talks and workshops lively and interesting. Feedback from our attending employees has consistently been very positive.
— William Gant, General Manager, Rio Tinto